Have you admired dry stacked stone retaining walls and would like to add a similar hardscaping element to your landscape? Dry stacked stone walls are relatively easy to build and provide a natural looking retaining wall to control hillside erosion, define a property boundary, or provide an attractive edging to flowerbeds. However, if improperly designed and constructed, stone walls can be a lot more trouble than they are worth. Prone to collapsing, poorly constructed dry stacked stone is often in need of re-stacking. To avoid problems when building a dry stacked stone wall, it is wise to keep a few points in mind.

Selecting Stones

Whether you gather stones from your property, harvest stone from a public area or order stone from a masonry contractor, be sure to choose a stone that compliments your home’s building materials. If you have a stone fireplace or stone trim on the structure, choose a matching stone.

Sort Out Your Stones

Go through your stone pile and make separate piles of the largest stones for cornerstones and building the base. You will need a good supply of long, narrow stones for anchoring the wall, and a healthy supply of smaller stones to fill gaps and crevices.

A Solid Base

To retain structural integrity, a stacked stone wall needs to sit “in” the ground, not “on” it. Dig a four to six-inch deep trench where you intend to construct the stonework. The trench should be at least six inches wider than the wall, allowing approximately three inches on each side of the base.

Line the trench with landscape fabric. The width of the fabric should be two times the width of the trench. Add two to three inches of gravel to the trench. Tamp down the gravel and level with a garden rake. After leveling the gravel, wrap the excess fabric over the top of the gravel, placing the first layer of stone on top of the gravel layer. Wrapping the gravel layer in landscape fabric prevents soil and root intrusion, which can hinder drainage and cause frost heaving. When laying down the first layer of stone, select large, flat stones to create a solid base that is easy to build upon. Fill spaces between the larger stones with smaller stones.

Anchoring The Wall In Place

Failing to anchor the wall in place is the most common mistake made by do-it-yourself homeowners. To effectively anchor your wall to a hillside or slope, start with the third layer, and in each successive third layer, placing long and narrow stones as anchors. Position the anchor stones with the narrow side flush with the front of the wall, and the long side jutting out perpendicular to the wall, into the hillside or slope. Position anchor stones about six feet apart.

Lean Into It

A dry stacked stone wall needs to lean. The wall may be required to hold back thousands of pounds of soil, which requires an inch of angle for every 12 inches of vertical height.

Fill In Gaps As You Go

Failing to fill in the gaps between stones is another common pitfall in stonewall construction. Gaps between stones allow soil to build up and moisture to collect, causing the wall to buckle and collapse, so fill in the spaces between rocks as you go.

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Bathroom renovations can be costly, particularly for home sellers who lack the skills and know-how to perform bathroom repairs on their own. Fortunately, there are many effective ways to revamp your bathroom and give it a distinct look and feel.

Here are three tips that you can use to reinvent your bathroom on a budget:

1. Give Your Cabinets a Facelift.

Drab, unattractive bathroom cabinets can be a major eyesore, particularly for home sellers who are trying to generate interest in their residences. Conversely, you can replace the hardware for your cabinets and sand, prime and paint these cabinets without having to worry about breaking your budget.

New cabinet door knobs and pulls can help you transform bland cabinet doors into dazzling ones. Plus, it often is easy to replace cabinet door knobs and pulls, and you may be able to remove and install new cabinet door knobs and pulls in only minutes.

Furthermore, you can sand, prime and paint cabinets to with ease. This will enable you to give your cabinet doors an eye-catching appearance quickly and effortlessly.

2. Replace Cracked or Broken Tile.

Even a single cracked or broken tile can impact a homebuyer’s decision to purchase your home, and you’ll want to ensure that every tile looks great before you get ready to show your residence to prospective buyers.

Replacing cracked or broken tile will require you to break up any loose tile with a hammer or cold chisel. Then, you’ll need to clean the affected area, apply mortar to the new tile and set it in place.

Also, don’t forget to use a grout sealer to ensure your new tile stays in place. By doing so, you’ll be able to make the tile in your bathroom look as good as new.

3. Add an Awe-Inspiring Mirror.

Who says your bathroom mirror can’t blend form and fashion? With a stunning mirror, you can give your bathroom a hip, chic look, one that may help your home stand out from others in a highly competitive real estate sector.

Of course, you always can keep an existing bathroom mirror in place and transform its appearance with moulding as well. There are many kinds of moulding at your disposal, giving you a variety of options to choose from as you search for the best way to enhance your bathroom’s appearance.

No bathroom would be complete without an outstanding mirror. And if you dedicate the necessary time and resources to complete bathroom renovations, you should have no trouble adding an exquisitely designed mirror or using moulding to improve the appearance of your bathroom’s existing mirror.

Bathroom repairs, like many home improvement projects, can be tricky. However, your real estate agent may be able to help you figure out which repairs are critical to help you improve your chances of a quick sale. As such, you should consult with your real estate agent before you embark on any bathroom renovations to ensure your repairs will enable you to boost the value of your residence.

Use bathroom renovations to make your home more attractive to homebuyers, and you may be able to give homebuyers another reason to consider your residence.

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