MumsJust as the summer blooms are fading away, an easy way to revitalize your front entryway is to plant chrysanthemums, or mums, as they are commonly known. These plants come in many colors—reds, oranges, yellows, even green and purple. The nurseries are overflowing with mums in late summer and early autumn, so it’s very easy and inexpensive to pick some up. The hard part may be to choose the right colors—they are all so vibrant and eye-catching. Try coordinating the colors with the— trim of your house—they can make your doorways or shutters pop—or contrast them with your siding. Buy plants that are budded up, not in full bloom. That way they will last longer.

Highlighting with these blossoms allows you to change colors each year, but if you want to keep the mums coming back, plant them directly in the ground—this allows the root system to grow and expand. Just don’t plant them too close together—they are mounding plants and need room to round out. It’s OK to use containers, too. Just don’t expect to see them in following year.

Pinch off the dead blossoms with your fingers to encourage new growth. Mums are frost hardy, also, so you should have color in your gardens well into November. Happy Fall!

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Are you thinking of buying a home with a septic system? Septic systems are common in the suburbs and more rural areas where municipal sewers are not available.

So what is a septic system? It is a self-contained, underground waste water treatment system. It consists of a septic tank and a drainage system.

The septic tank is a large, watertight container. It can be made of concrete, steel, fiberglass, or polyethylene. The septic tank is connected to your home’s sewer line and collects all water and the waste in it.

The drainage system has several parts; an outflow pipe, a distribution box, a network of perforated pipes, and a leach field. When liquids inside the septic tank get high enough, they flow out of the tank into the outflow pipe. The outflow pipe leads to the distribution box which then channels waste water into the perforated pipes. The waste water is then distributed into the leach field.

There is usually no cause to worry when buying a home with a septic system. It is prudent to have the septic system inspected or ask for proof of inspection during the purchase process.  If maintained properly, a septic system can last between 25 to 35 years.

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